Assisted Living of Draper House


Welcome to Assisted Living of Utah

Assisted Living of Utah is a totally new concept in assisted living, in which the state inspectors rated our Assisted Living of Draper facility as the #1 facility in Utah out of over 200 facilities.  Mom &/or Dad now have the option to live in a “Residential” style Assisted Living  Home that is family friendly, affordable, and most of all … easy to transition to because it feels and looks like a …Home, not a place where it feels like they will spend the rest of their life in a Hospital,  Hotel, or Institution “Type” facility.  

Assisted Living of Utah is growing, and is in the process of building many residential style homes located all across the state of Utah. Each luxury home has a master chef who will prepare delicious home cooked meals, Registered Nurses and CNA’s who provide the best of care, and activities they’ll look forward to (and that also serve as Therapy, …shhh -but don’t let them know!).  We have “Nurse Call Necklace Buttons” (which we refer to as “Room Service” buttons) and pull chords in the bathrooms.  Nearly every suite also has a small kitchenette to make them fee right at home (so they can have that 2am soda they crave, freezer jam, or save their left over birthday cake for later).

We have a wonderful bus that we have taken residents on weekly outings to things like:  Senior Citizen Centers, Shopping, Nature Tours, Tulip Festivals, Christmas Tree Lights, Chuck-a-Rama, etc.  Each Assisted Living of Utah luxury home is Family Friendly with a gym/playroom for your grandchildren that includes activities such as ping pong, video games, Wii, play equipment, and much more. We want your family to look forward to visiting Mom &/or Dad as much as possible, while at the same time making these visits pleasant for you too.

Our Master Chef is always encouraging family & friends to come and eat with Mom & Dad as well.  We fix 3 extra meals at every meal, just in hopes of someone coming to visit (If you don’t come visit, we are just going to have to waste a wonderful gourmet meal!).  If you have a few people coming, just let us know, and we can accomodate them for free too!  Come visit us to experience this new concept in assisted living.

For more information contact:  Curtis at 801-824-9200 (, or fill out our contact form.